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Taylor & Lawrence

Text: The Odd Couple with odd crossed out.

A queer couple standing in front of a light purple fence with flowers at the bottom and blue sky and clouds in the background.  One person holds a pitchfork and both people are in yellow.
Taylor & Lawrence
A queer couple in front of a light purple fence with flowers at the bottom and blue sky and clouds in the background.  The couple are both in yellow and leaning into each other..
© 2024

The Odd Couple project, which began as a nod to the 1970s sitcom of the same name, is a study on relationships that go against the grain. Society can show us such a narrow view of what an ideal relationship looks like. This project continues to broaden that view by showing a spectrum of relationships, urging us to re-evaluate our perceptions. I seek out relationships that are perceived, either in the past or present, as unlikely pairings. Our relationships consist of more than what is seen from the outside, and what works for one couple will rarely work for another, but we all are looking for a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

Screenshot of facebook interview

KG: Hello Taylor & Lawrence!  I realized I don't know a pretty important story about you two...  Could you tell me how you two met?  (I love how paths bring us together so any and all details are welcome).

Lawrence: So as you know we are both drag artists. @Taylor been doing drag for nearly 12 years if I’m not mistaken and I’ve been doing drag nearly 5.

Well we met the same month I started back in February of 2019 in Athens, Ga.

She was booked for a show through a friend of ours, over at Sister Louisa’s Church and I was there and I helped a bit with tips.

Well she noticed me before I noticed her hehe.

But at the end of the show Alex, the show director who is a mutual friend, introduced us. It was only after she had asked Alex about me that Alex decided we should meet lol. But after that we started following each other on instagram and it went from there.

Taylor definitely had her eyes on the prize and I was just oblivious. 🤣

Lawrence: Now, without trying to create that type of brand. We’ve often been called the Drag Power Couple of ATL ✨✨✨

Screenshot of facebook interview

KG: I can see that!

Who made the first move to go on a date or start hanging out?

Also, she was in drag.  Were you?  Or did you catch her eye as Lawrence?

Lawrence: Taylor was dropping hints for sure. And we ran into each other like twice. While also she was always reacting or commenting on my stories. And then I guess it was me cause one day I was at an event and she was at a different one she was throwing. Well we were messaging and talking about me coming to that one cause the one I was at was boring lol. 

Mind you I was in Athens and she was in Atlanta lol. So I decided to drive to Atlanta (I lived in Gwinnett at the time). I got stopped by the cops cause I had a busted tail light and they didn’t wanna let me drive. So I let her know the situation cause I couldn’t make it. And she decided to come all the way from her event and come and pick me up and take me to my house. And I told her to spend the night lol.

And then I think a few weeks later is when we decided to go on a date and we went to Savage Pizza in L5P.

Lawrence: I wasn’t in drag. I caught her eye as Lawrence 😄

Color polaroids on grass of a couple posing, hugging and kissing.
Taylor & Lawrence © 2024

Screenshot of facebook interview

KG: Okay!  So that makes sense to me but I want to see if it tracks for you two.  The first time you two saw each other Taylor was in her art, her drag persona but you were there as you.  It makes sense to me that she would look across the room and see a man that she wanted to get to know better and it's almost better that you didn't fall for her as a performer.  Does that make sense?  We want our partner to love what we create but we don't necessarily want them to love us because of it.

Lawrence: Yes!

Taylor: I definitely agree with that. Which is why I think following each other on Insta was great bc he got to see me outside if drag and I got to snoop and investigate lol

Lawrence: Definitely snooped and investigated 🤣

KG: Which is also what insta is all about!

I love that you went to rescue him on the side of the road.  It's like a romance novel book cover, it draws a picture.

Screenshot of facebook interview

KG: There is gold in those details.  One of the reasons I was drawn to you two for this project is because you're both drag artists. Being an artist and creative, I have thought that two artists in a relationship can be hard but your relationship's origin story pulls at this thread of it's about two individuals really seeing each other.  It's hard to find and so special when you do.

Can I ask when each of you knew it was love?

Taylor: I think I knew it was love a few months into being together. When he helped me without asking and supported me in all my wild choices. Like building a music video set in his basement lol And when he wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable with me. Which meant he trusted me.

KG: For which video?  I'd like to watch with that in mind

Screenshot of facebook interview

Lawrence:It was definitely when I became vulnerable

Because I had just gotten out of a relationship and just trying to find myself and I think Taylor helped me find myself . Especially during a time I truly lost my way.

Lawrence: I had also just started my transition about 4 months prior.

Lawrence: I definitely knew it was love around this time frame. Cause it was also when I wasn’t doing well financially because I lost a high paying job because of my transition and it made me fall behind in bills and my truck was repoed.

And she helped a lot during that time.

KG: Wait wait wait!  You worked on a video for a song called Romeo within a few months of dating?  Yes I would say you both were catching feelings early!  That set is so cute!  I love the old-school hallway. (Folks I did not speak to the bigger message of this video, I suggest you watch.)

Had either of you felt supported like that before in a romantic relationship?  It sounds and looks very special.  

Lawrence- so you were in a season of change?  Which is hard and lays bare what you want & need.  Taylor- what was your life when Lawrence entered the picture?

Screenshot of facebook interview

Taylor: I definitely had been supported like that before but not to that extent? Not to put down my exes but I always felt like the motivator in those relationships and this felt different. 

When I met Lawrence I was in another relationship. We were open and polyam. This was my first time falling for someone and pursuing a relationship with them while also with someone else. It definitely was complicated and there were struggles.

KG: No relationship is without those.  Thank you for being so candid and telling me more of your story.

Lawrence: All my relationships maybe one I felt supported but wasn’t to this extent ever.

And I say it time and time again, Taylor is the first relationship I’ve ever been in where even with disagreements and misunderstandings we’ve never fought or argued. We’ve always been able to discuss things. It’s never been a battle with one another. And that I’m truly grateful for

Taylor: Crying meme

Screenshot of facebook interview

KG: Wonderful!  Then I think the last question I have is - Do you have any advice for other couples?

Taylor: Communication is key. No relationship can thrive without open and honest communication. You also have to have a lot of patience and be willing to be challenged on things you thought you were firm on. I feel as if a relationship has to be challenging in certain ways for it to last and grow.

Lawrence: I agree to this.

Couple sitting on green grass holding hands looking at camera.  Blue sky and clouds in the background..
Taylor & Lawrence - © 2024

Thank you to Taylor & Lawrence for working with me, Andy Lovell for your support & BTS, Kelly Marie for assisting with set build and lighting, and Invest Atlanta and the Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment for funding to support this project.

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