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About Kaylinn



My name is Kaylinn.

I was raised on a ranch in Colorado and now my home is in Atlanta. I’m a little bit  country, and I hope, a little bit rock and roll. My country upbringing made me understand the importance of community and trained me to be a fantastic problem solver. When you’re 60 miles from resources, you learn how to plan and how to get yourself out of a bind. Atlanta has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best and then connected me to communities that have become, crew, clients, and often friends.  

I’m interested in editorial work that explores contrasts, family dynamics, and the needs of rural areas. I love working with companies highlighting their product or service through the people doing the work or the story that brought it to be. I also specialize in people that hate getting their photo taken if what you seek is a professional portrait. If any of these fit the bill or you just need help finding the story, I’d love to talk about it. 

My personal projects are my own struggle to understand and be understood. Right now that means working on a project on family and roots, which I call Digging up Roots and two ongoing projects:  Odd Couples and The Rural Art Show. You can see these projects and my process on IG.  

Art Institute of Colorado 


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