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    • Piñon Canyon

      Thiss is my very first billboard from about thirteen years ago. Image courtesy of my mother, Nora Gilstrap. Billboard on I-25 in Colorado. After being in Atlanta for about 6 months, I had a phone conversation with my dad. I had heard murmurings about an army base plans to expand near my hometown. I called him up with the expectation he would tell me it would be okay and he wasn’t worried. I called him up so he would comfort and soothe any fear I had. He couldn’t do that. In 1983, the United States Army established a base in South-Eastern Colorado with land acquired through purchase and eminent domain. The Army promised they would never return for more land but in 2006 they began plans to expand the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site by nearly half a million acres. They claimed the land was empty. Citizens that were displaced the first time and ranches that had been handed down from generation to generation were being threatened. Descendants of the Duran Rodeo Ranch - Kaylinn Gilstrap © 2006 Thus began a project that consisted of eleven trips back home when I was just getting my footing in Atlanta. I joined forces with a local grassroots organization, PCEOC (Piñon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition) to photograph the ranchers and private landowners whose land was not for sale. It was the first major project I took on, one that relied on me solely finding the visuals to aid the fight. There was no PR or marketing agency on retainer, just a group of small-town folks that prefer to be out of the limelight. It still feels like some of the most important work I’ve ever done. Parishioners at the Branson Community Church. Kaylinn Gilstrap © 2009 When I first began showing my portfolio around I left out my connection to this story. That my childhood home, where my dad has lived nearly all his life, is about 37.5 miles (as the crow flies) from the maneuver site. That the army base was established the year I was born and I was unaware of its existence until 2006. The funny thing about roots is when things are good you forget they are there. You don’t feel them tethering you to a spot until there is a disturbance. Family portrait. Kaylinn Gilstrap © 2017 In 2013, the Army abandoned the expansion plans which was largely due to the efforts of opposition groups like PCEOC headed by Lon Robertson (RIP) and Not 1 More Acre headed by Kimmi Lewis (RIP). The people down there know what hard work is and can put up a hell of a fight, these two people specifically were forces to be reckoned with. We continue their watch. My dad’s shadow on a trailer with an aging No Expansion of Piñon Canyon bumper sticker. Kaylinn Gilstrap © 2019

    • Moving Forward in 2020

      I’ve been thinking about this time as moving from one space to another. As you grow or change, moving into a different space or mindset that better suits where you are. This has been a time of asking myself how I want to move forward and what’s important to me. Old studio space At the top of my “what is important” list is people. That should come as no surprise if you’ve read the stories I put in my IG captions but it’s always good to refocus on my mission as a business owner. I love telling people's stories whether for a company or a publication or my own personal projects. I want to make sure I’m doing my best to move forward during this time as safely as possible, for my clients, my subjects, and my crew. To be confident I am doing my part, I have taken a Covid-19 safety course through Rightway Consulting. I also have built a diverse list of trusted professionals and resources during my fifteen years in this industry to reach out to when a job calls for it. Testing the natural light in the new space with a self-portrait. Recently, I also moved studio spaces. I moved out of our space on the OG Goat Farm site and into a new space in the Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta. It’s hard to leave some spaces behind, but I like to think it pushes us forward into new opportunities. My first love is and always will be shooting on location but that doesn’t always fit the bill and I’m prepared for those scenarios. Just a few days ago I shot a round of Velveteen Rabbit portraits/stop motions in this space, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Whatever your next project may need, I hope you’ll reach out to my team and me. We’d love to show you what we have to offer. Contact 215 Chester Ave Atlanta, GA 30316 Mail: Tel: 770-906-5066

    • Sa-Roc

      I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sa-Roc twice now. Each time has been an absolute pleasure and the last time (but hopefully not the LAST time 🤞), we created these images for an upcoming record release. Sa-Roc is a force. There is a soft, ferocity to her which makes it hard to pull your eyes from her and as I listen to her lyrics, my arms and legs bristle with goosebumps. But don’t take my word for it - here’s her Tiny Desk link. Let her words be your anthem for the week. “Spent half my life trying find my light from outside sources, while the only voice that mattered came from me You betta shine on em baby, you a star. You betta Be exactly who you are-Forever Cuz they gon try and change your heart. Don’t let up Cuz You so damn fine, just the way you are…” - Sa-Roc BTS: What I remember about that day is laughter. I remember there was a goat there to greet us as we arrived at the farm. It was a welcome greeting after the 2 hour drive from the city! We took in the fresh air as we patted the goat, it chewing on clothing, hair, whatever caught it’s attention. We had one shot before the rain started but the beautiful surrounding and our animal visits kept spirits high. It was a magical day in the country with a talented Atlanta MC.

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    • History Preservation | Kaylinn Gilstrap | Atlanta Story Photographer

      Preservation We all have stories and heirlooms we want to preserve and hand down to future generations. When you have a collection or a story you’re afraid of losing, contact us. We preserve more than what you look like, we preserve who you are as a family. History Don’t let your history slip away. Let’s get to work and preserve your story! Schedule a Call Objects Great Grandma Zita is a captivating project connecting family stories, heirlooms, and home. View Project Make Your Heirlooms Story Worthy. Our Beloved Toys & Stuffed Animals The Velveteen Rabbit Series

    • Kaylinn Gilstrap an Atlanta Story Photographer

      Tell Your Story. Atlanta Photographer Kaylinn Gilstrap is Your Visual Voice. How has 2020 changed your story? Commercial photographer specializing in portraiture & thoughtful storytelling. View Projects Meet Kaylinn Artful and imaginative, Kaylinn Gilstrap climbs inside of your story to tell it from the inside out. Coming from humble Colorado roots, she made it to the big city and works with some of the biggest names. Read More Featured Service Preserve Your History Now is the perfect time to capture your family's history and preserve heirlooms. Forever preserved. A gift for generations. Print & Digital Advertising Editorials Beautiful cover photography and the perfect images for your cover story. Kaylinn will capture your audience's attention. Read More Design Creative Solutions STOP MOTION In Your Face Portraits All Portraits Work With Kaylinn Meet Schedule a call or virtual meeting to get started. Tell us about your project. Plan Kaylinn & her team will send over a customized proposal with all the details. Shoot The shoot happens safely on location or in our new Atlanta studio. Results You will receive your finalized digital files delivered on a silver platter! Contact Kaylinn Contact Us Anytime Contact Us First Name Last Name Phone Number Email Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting!

    • Zita | Kaylinn Gilstrap

      Great Grandma Zita Beautiful Hats Vintage Jewelry

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