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  • Personal History Preservation: Create Artwork with Family Heirlooms

    Our personal histories are rich with stories and memories, passed down through generations. One of the most treasured ways to keep these memories alive is through family heirlooms. These precious objects carry the weight of our ancestors' experiences and serve as a link to our past. However, as time goes by, these heirlooms may fade into obscurity or remain hidden away in storage. But what if we could breathe new life into these treasures and transform them into beautiful artworks that not only preserve our personal history but also serve as stunning visual representations of our heritage? In this blog post, I show you how I create artwork with family heirlooms and discuss how I can do the same for your family. Let’s talk about creating personal history preservation artwork you can cherish and pass on to future generations. Unleashing the Power of Sentimental Objects: Family heirlooms hold immense sentimental value. Whether it's an antique pocket watch, vintage clothing, or a weathered photograph, these objects have witnessed countless stories and evoke powerful emotions. By preserving these items with fine art photographs, we can transform them into beautiful reminders of your history that you see daily! The process of selecting, arranging, and showcasing these heirlooms in a creative way allows us to explore your family's narrative in a visual and expressive manner. Each family has different needs based on the items and stories they wish to preserve but I offer packages including the final pieces to make the process that much easier for you! Take a look. Sharing the Legacy: Another reason I strongly encourage creating artwork from family heirlooms is that the process is not just a personal endeavor but also an opportunity to share and engage other family members around your family’s history. By creating artwork with the inclusion of heirlooms, these artworks become visual archives, capturing the essence of our personal history in a way that transcends time and can be shared by numerous family members. No more fighting over that one piece when everyone can have a visual representation of it! This is yet another way to create a legacy for future generations, enabling them to understand and appreciate their roots. Making this work a great gift for years to come! Preserving personal history is a gift we can give to ourselves and our future generations. Creating artwork with family heirlooms transforms these objects into visual testaments of our heritage. Whether you work with a professional photographer like myself or another creative expression, we can celebrate our ancestors, relive their stories, and pass down our legacy to those who come after us. Don’t allow your family heirlooms to gather dust in forgotten corners but instead use them as a source of inspiration to keep your personal history alive through the power of art. Make an appointment today to talk about your preservation needs!

  • Headshot vs Professional Portrait: Understanding the Differences

    A headshot and a professional portrait are two types of photographs that have different purposes and styles. A headshot is a close-up photograph of a person's head, typically used in a professional settings such as forresumes, social media profiles, or acting and modeling portfolios. The focus of a headshot is on the person's face, and it is usually taken in a neutral or plain background to keep the focus on the subject. On the other hand, a professional portrait is a photograph that captures a person's likeness in a more artistic or creative way. The portrait can be a full-body or close-up image, and it often includes the person's surroundings or context. Professional portraits can be used for various purposes such as personal branding, corporate profiles, magazine editorials, or as a gift for a loved one. It's important to think about how you intend to use the images when scheduling a session. If you need a tight photo of your face to put on your LinkedIn profile, a headshot is all you need. If you want to give your audience more a sense of who you are, you need to schedule a professional portrait session. For each session, whether a headshot or a portrait, I include tips for helping you get the best final image possible. I also work with talented Hair & Makeup Artists and Stylists if you want help with your look. Each session is custom-built with your needs in mind. Reach out today! All images Copyright Kaylinn Gilstrap.

  • The Odd Couple Artist Statement

    The Odd Couple project, which is a nod to the 1970s sitcom of the same name, is a study on how relationships have evolved past societal norms being the deciding factor in connection. Instead, this project takes a deeper look at the notion that our differences can make stronger partnerships. Our relationships consist of more than what you see from the outside and what works for one couple, won’t necessarily work for another but we all are looking for a sense of belonging and acceptance. This collection urges us to re-evaluate our first impressions and question the beliefs that develop these notions. In this second chapter of this project, I'm looking to expand with partnerships that can speak to issues of the day. If you are part of a unique partnership that wants to collaborate on an artistic portrait of your relationship, please reach out. Not only will you help an artist grow a project but we'll preserve some of your personal history! Please email me at or through my contact page. Some (not all) of the partnerships I'm seeking: Married but living separately “I love them, but I need my own space.” Different religious/spiritual practices Different political views Opposite career paths City mouse/country mouse Big difference in ages Homebody/social butterfly Funding was provided by the InvestAtlanta & Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment to continue pursuing this project in 2023.

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  • Commercial Photography Atlanta | Kaylinn Gilstrap

    Tell Your Story. Atlanta Commercial Photographer Kaylinn Gilstrap is Your Visual Voice. Commercial photographer specializing in portraiture & thoughtful storytelling. View Projects Editorial Portfolio Meet Kaylinn Artful and imaginative, Kaylinn Gilstrap climbs inside of your story to tell it from the inside out. She has worked in the photo industry for 18 years, giving her the knowledge and experience to be your visual expert. Read More Corporate & Editorial Magazines Editorials Beautiful cover photography and the perfect images for your cover story. Kaylinn will capture your audience's attention. Read More Featured Project Covid Memories A conceptual representation of memories gathered while caretaking during Covid. ​ View more storytelling. Show Me Design Creative Solutions Stop Motion In Your Face Portraits All Portraits Work With Kaylinn Meet Schedule a call or virtual meeting to get started. Tell us about your project. Plan Kaylinn & her team will send over a customized proposal with all the details. Shoot We have you covered! Whether you need to shoot on location or in our studio. Results You get exactly what you were looking for! Contact Kaylinn Contact Contact Us First Name Last Name Phone Number Email Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Zita | Kaylinn Gilstrap Photo | Atlanta Photographer

    Great Grandma Zita I never knew my Great Grandmother. I've tried to create a portrait of her Package Information

  • History Preservation | Kaylinn Gilstrap | Atlanta Story Photographer

    Preservation Most Loved is my most popular service but I also offer other ways to preserve your personal history. When you have a collection or a story you’re afraid of losing, contact me. Let’s preserve your memories and heirlooms for future generations. Our Beloved Toys & Stuffed Animals The Most Loved Series Inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit Book session Velveteen History The first step is talking over your story and your family's needs. Let’s start today. View package information. Schedule a Call Storytelling Great Grandma Zita is my own preservation project connecting family stories, heirlooms, and home. View Project Digging Up Roots An ongoing documentary project of the family ranch. Make Your Heirlooms Story Worthy. Package Information

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