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Kaylinn specializes in the camera shy, unusual characters & capturing those real moments.

Corporate & Professional Portrait

Each of us have a spark that make us unique. Kaylinn has a knack for opening  people up to show that spark. Interested in a headshot or portrait? Learn about the difference and contact Kaylinn to set up a session.

Michelle Nunn of CARE
Atlanta Rapper MC Sa Roc

Story Portraits

Kaylinn is a master storyteller both in the documenting and the telling. She has taken portraits for numerous magazines to illustrate their stories.  Check out more in the Stories section.

Fashion Designer Afryie Poku


Whether you need updated corporate portraits or images of talent, make Kaylinn your next call.

Portrait Project

18: An American Survey : is a portrait and survey study on eighteen year olds inspired by my high school English teacher, Mrs. Neva Morrow.  When I was 18, she gave our  class a survey to fill out imagining our lives in ten years.  Once we were finished she told us to stash them away, somewhere we’d find them down the road.  Not as goals to live up to but as markers of what we imagine life could be and how our priorities shift as our path continues to form.