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The Odd Couple Artist Statement

Updated: May 5

The Odd Couple project, which is a nod to the 1970s sitcom of the same name, is a study on how relationships have evolved past societal norms being the deciding factor in connection. Instead, this project takes a deeper look at the notion that our differences can make stronger partnerships. Our relationships consist of more than what you see from the outside and what works for one couple, won’t necessarily work for another but we all are looking for a sense of belonging and acceptance. This collection urges us to re-evaluate our first impressions and question the beliefs that develop these notions.

In this second chapter of this project, I'm looking to expand with partnerships that can speak to issues of the day. If you are part of a unique partnership that wants to collaborate on an artistic portrait of your relationship, please reach out. Not only will you help an artist grow a project but we'll preserve some of your personal history! Please email me at or through my contact page.

Some (not all) of the partnerships I'm seeking:

Married but living separately “I love them, but I need my own space.”

Different religious/spiritual practices

Different political views

Opposite career paths

City mouse/country mouse

Big difference in ages

Homebody/social butterfly

Funding was provided by the InvestAtlanta & Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment to continue pursuing this project in 2023.

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