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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sa-Roc twice now. Each time has been an absolute pleasure and the last time (but hopefully not the LAST time 🤞), we created these images for an upcoming record release.

Sa-Roc is a force. There is a soft, ferocity to her which makes it hard to pull your eyes from her and as I listen to her lyrics, my arms and legs bristle with goosebumps. But don’t take my word for it - here’s her Tiny Desk link.

Let her words be your anthem for the week.

“Spent half my life trying find my light from outside sources,

while the only voice that mattered came from me

You betta shine on em baby, you a star. You betta

Be exactly who you are-Forever

Cuz they gon try and change your heart. Don’t let up

Cuz You so damn fine, just the way you are…” - Sa-Roc

BTS: What I remember about that day is laughter. I remember there was a goat there to greet us as we arrived at the farm. It was a welcome greeting after the 2 hour drive from the city! We took in the fresh air as we patted the goat, it chewing on clothing, hair, whatever caught it’s attention. We had one shot before the rain started but the beautiful surrounding and our animal visits kept spirits high. It was a magical day in the country with a talented Atlanta MC.

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