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Let’s talk about the Rural Art Show.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I'm putting on an art event in my hometown of Branson, CO running from August 13th-27th, 2022. Branson is a rural agricultural community fifty miles from resources and easy access to art.

Rural Art ShowCall for Entry deadline May 30th with pastel image of grasses with a negative of a man and a woman on horses

The mission of this event is to share the work of rural artists and introduce the creative community I’ve been lucky enough to grow around in Atlanta. For the first event, I'm focusing on COMMUNITY, as I introduce all the fantastic creative forces I know to each other through their art.

Alongside this show will be a student print pinup show for budding artists to show their work and find inspiration from experienced artists. As a young creative, I was encouraged by artists and makers in the area and I would like to help foster that network.

A little bit about myself and why I decided to host an art show in Branson. I was raised on the JL Cattle Company ranch and first took photography through the local 4-H chapter. Growing up in a rural area helped me understand the importance of relationships and how each individual’s strengths are integral to the success of the greater community. Spending the last seventeen years in Atlanta has given me easy access to art and a diverse creative community to inspire and teach me. I want to continue to grow and support my creative community while giving back to my rural roots.

Below is more info on the show and how to enter. Follow along on IG @ruralartshow as the event comes together!

Village in mexico with a man on a motorcycle speeding away with a dog chasing and chickens scattering.
Branson artist - JR Gilstrap

Important Dates for the 2022 Rural Art Show “Community” exhibit

· June 6: Art Submission deadline Extended!

· July 1: Notification of acceptance

· August 6 & 10: Deliver work to Garage - local artists

· Aug 13-Aug 27: Exhibit on display

· Aug 13: Opening Reception

· Aug 27: Closing Reception

· Aug 27-28: Artists can pick up work


· Open to artists of all career levels from emerging to professional, 18 years of age or older

· Submit up to two entries, no entry fee.

· Max Size: no one side larger than 50”

· Any media including painting, works on paper, printmaking, photography, sculpture (excluding installation art)

· Works accepted both display ready for hanging & prints for our extended community print pin-up display

· By entering the exhibit, artists whose works are selected for the show grant the Rural Art Show the right to use submitted images on printed materials, website & social media sites for promotional purposes.

· Artwork accepted for the exhibit does not have to be for sale. Rural Art Show will receive a 10% commission for each work sold from the exhibit. Payment for works sold during the show will be issued within 30 days of the end of the exhibit.

· Artist responsible for art delivery and pickup

Link for Entry - Emerging & Professional artists

Rural Art Show: Community

Branson Community Center & Garage

400 Main St. Branson, CO 81027

Opening reception: Aug. 13th 2022 3 pm - 6 pm

Closing reception: Aug. 27th, 2022 After the Branson Reunion 5 pm - 7 pm

Viewings also available by appointment, 770-906-5066.

Student print pinup show flyers below, available for download.

Kim, CO Area

Des Moines, CO Area

Branson, CO Area

Student artists are welcome to collect artwork at the closing event or artwork will be returned to their school (School drop only available to Branson, Des Moines, & Kim schools).

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