What's that on your booty?

There's no tactful way to tell a big ol' wrestler that you want to photograph his backside.  So that night at a wrestling match in Villa Rica, Ga I just told Bulldog, "Look, if you're going to have words on your booty, I'm going to want to photograph it.".  He laughed and turned around.  

Bulldog Raines 

Bulldog Raines 

Sometimes people question why I photograph the subjects I do.  Hanging out in honky tonks til the wee hours, riding horses and camping out on a weeklong elk hunting trip or spending an evening in a high school gym with wrestlers...   And the simple truth is, I love it.  I really enjoy spending time with powerhouse CEOs and up and coming fashion designers but there is something special about telling the stories of those that can be overlooked.  I love finding out trucker's CB handles, I love drinking bourbon with cowboys around a campfire and I love that moment where someone reveals something extraordinary about their "ordinary" lives.

Just think if I hadn't been there that night with Bulldog, I never would have known who let the dogs out.