Icarus Bike Build

On the second day of October in 2013, Kevin had a car cut him off while riding his bicycle to work. (Video below. If you're in a hurry start at 2:10.)  

Surprisingly there were no broken bones but it did take a month of rehab to get Kevin back to walking without crutches or a cane.  He marked his progress by how close he was to getting back in the saddle (seat).  The bike Kevin was riding that October morning would never recover from the incident so he began the 5 month process of acquiring his dream bike.  It never occurred to him to give up cycling.  It simply wasn't an option. 

Kevin contracted Icarus to build a custom frame, ordered 80th Anniversary Campagnolo carbon components and ENVE carbon wheels, stem, fork and handlebars and lined up a beautiful paint job.  All to be put together by one of Atlanta's finest bike shops, Loose Nuts Cycles.  Lucky for me, Kevin wanted someone to document the buildout of the bike and final beauty shots of his new baby.  It wasn't something I was going to miss.

Kevin was so excited about all the passion and hard work that went into his Icarus that he wanted to showcase it.  He'd have the bike forever but he wanted to remember the people and the process and he also wanted final pieces that these talented craftsmen could show off.  So I spent the day at Loose Nuts snapping photos of Chris, head mechanic and owner, putting together Kevin's bike.  While I was doing that, two sometimes three other cameras were taking photos for the timelapse (below).  Then a few days later, when the sky stopped pouring out rain, we did beauty shots.

It's always a pleasure working with people that are driven by passion.  With this job everyone involved loved what they were doing and why they were there.  Chris built the bike on his day off and Kevin took off a day to be there.  This story started with an awful event that anyone would gladly skip but I'm glad to have witnessed it's silver lining.  

A hearty thank you to Kevin Dawson, Chris at Loose Nuts Cycles and Ian at Icarus Frames.  Hell of a job gentlemen!

Sidenote:  I have met very few cyclists that don't share the same passion as these fellas.  They're not trying to hold you up on your way home or to work, they've just chosen a different method.  So give a wave next time you pass a cyclist, it could be Kevin on his Icarus or me on my Salsa.  We're more than happy to share the road.